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Drop Cap Letter The Athenaeum Fund is supported by several individual and corporate investors from across the United States. The Athenaeum Fund IV's management comprises three managing members and an advisory board. The managing members have over 50 years of experience of profitable investing, starting successful companies and commercializing products.

The Athenaeum Fund was originally founded in 1999 by Dr. John Baldeschwieler, Malcolm Cloyd and John Glanville.

Managing Members

Dr. Philippe H. Adam   Dr. Philippe H. Adam is a Founder and General Partner of The Athenaeum Fund IV as well as a Special Limited Partner in the Athenaeum Fund III.

Dr. Adam is an all-around senior strategy, business development and investment professional with 20+ years of global experience in technology and business, and with a track record of sourcing new investment opportunities, launching new business and helping companies grow. He has worked and consulted for a number of research labs, companies and firms including Caltech/NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, AlliedSignal/Honeywell, Houlihan Lokey, Avery Dennison, and Beckman Coulter. His experience also spans a variety of industries ranging from Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Cleantech and Healthcare/Medical Devices to Software, Wireless/RFID, Consumer Products/Electronics and Retail.

Currently, Dr. Adam also serves as an advisor to Maximillian Gallery, a start-up exploring new business models to monetize emerging art IP, and to Advanced TeleSensors, a start-up from Caltech/JPL commercializing a contactless vitals monitoring technology for consumer and health/medical applications.

Dr. Adam holds undegraduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, NY and he received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA. He also holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. John Baldeschwieler   Dr. John D. Baldeschwieler is one of the original Founders and General Partners of The Athenaeum Fund. He received a degree in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University in 1956 and in 1959 a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. His military service in the U.S. Army was followed by five years of teaching and research as a member of the faculty at Harvard University. In 1965, he moved to Stanford as Professor of Chemistry. During his last two years at Stanford, he was on leave of absence as Deputy Director of the Office of Science and Technology in the White House. From 1973 until the present, Professor Baldeschwieler has been at the California Institute of Technology as Professor of Chemistry, and for five years also as Chairman of the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

A Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Philosophical Society, Dr. Baldeschwieler also served on a large number of national, scientific and advisory committees, as well as on the editorial boards of several journals. He has most recently served as Chairman of the Academy Committee on Commercial Aviation Security, as an advisor to the FAA, as a member of the Presidential Commission on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses, and the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Science and Technology for Countering Terrorism, and as Co-Chairman of the National Science Foundation-US Intelligence Community Workshop On Approaches to Combating Terrorism. He was a founder of Vestar Inc. and served as Chairman of its Board of Directors until it was merged with NeXagen Inc. to form NeXstar Pharmaceuticals. He served as a Director of NeXstar until it was acquired by Gilead Pharmaceuticals Inc. He was also a founder and Director of Combion Inc. until it was acquired by Incyte Geonomics, Inc.

Dr. Baldeschwieler pioneered the utilization of nuclear magnetic resonance and double resonance spectroscopy, nuclear Overhauser effects, ion cyclotron resonance and perturbed angular correlation spectroscopy in chemical problems. His latest contributions concentrate on the use of phospholipid vesicles in cancer diagnosis and therapy, on the development of scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy for the study of molecules on surfaces, and on novel techniques for producing combinatorial arrays of oligonucleotides. He received the 2000 National Medal of Science for his contributions to science and public service, the American Chemical Society 2001 Award for Creative Invention and the 2003 Othmer Gold Medal of the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

Currently, Dr. Baldeschwieler serves on the Boards of the Huntington Medical Research Institutes (Pasadena, CA) and the Keck Graduate Institute (Claremont, CA), as well as several privately held companies.

Malcolm Cloyd   Malcolm Cloyd is one of the original Founders and General Partners of The Athenaeum Fund. He has served as President, Vice President and General Manager of manufacturing and service businesses with domestic and international markets for over 27 years. He has directed business units that were the largest cash contributors for two major corporations and has conducted turnarounds of under-performing businesses for both large corporations and privately held companies.

Mr. Cloyd has been heavily involved with marketing and has directed the development and commercialization of new products and services. He assisted with the development of an information service that was used in the oil and gas industry, which utilized the combined technology of geophysical and electronic well logging. He also helped to develop the first use of solid state electronic controllers with large electric motors and other equipment to improve the operating efficiency of large-scale applications.

Mr. Cloyd has served on the Board of portfolio companies Language Weaver and Syagen and continues to serve on the Board of Eidogen-Sertanty, a bioinformatics portfolio company with offices in Oceanside, CA. Currently, he also serves on the Boards of InterMarine Inc. (Houston, TX) and Advanced TeleSensors (Pasadena, CA).

Mr. Cloyd has degrees in management, science and literature.


Service Providers


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